What is the value of scraping LinkedIn?

Waqas Ahmad
4 min readApr 14, 2022

LinkedIn Data Extracting Benefits for Businesses

In this post, we’ll look at how LinkedIn data scraping may provide any company with a major competitive advantage in the business intelligence market.

External data and an introduction to the Open Web

In the digital age, data is becoming a key component of business growth. Today’s businesses recognize the value of open online data (external data) in gaining a competitive advantage, in addition to internal data for analysis.

There are millions of data sources available, but today we’ll focus on LinkedIn as a data source and how it may help organizations.

For active business data, LinkedIn is a “great gold source.”

LinkedIn claims to have 772 million users from 200 different countries. With 1.25 billion worldwide information workers (those who use a smartphone, PC, or tablet to work an extra hour per day in a typical week) as of 2018, it is anticipated that 70 percent (and counting) of all listed information workers on LinkedIn will be from this group.

Consider this: LinkedIn has roughly 55 million organizations, 14 million job vacancies, and 36,000 talents posted on the platform, making it the web’s top major open-source of business intelligence data.

What kind of information is available on LinkedIn?

On the platform, there are thousands of data points. However, there are a few common data kinds that are critical to customers and businesses. Here are some of the most typical data points retrieved using LinkedIn scraping Tools.

Information about persons

You’re in for a lot of data with LinkedIn’s 772 million professional profiles and increasing. There are over 100 data points on LinkedIn. More crucially, if a user fills out a complete professional or educational history, LinkedIn resume-style profiles are retroactive. This means that one can effectively reconstruct a person’s entire professional history only from experience in data.

Profile data points



Number of connections


LinkedIn profile URL



Work experience






Email address

Web pages

Social accounts

Company information

Businesses are now investing heavily in maintaining their company’s LinkedIn profiles with key data about the company, social activities, and jobs. Companies can remain ahead of the competition by extracting basic corporate data and understanding the market landscape. Companies may acquire thorough competition information by using search filters such as industry, firm size, and geographic region.

Company data


Founding year





Logo URL

LinkedIn profile URL

Size (area)

Company size (number of employees)

Social Audition Data

In finance, research, or any other business discipline, what a company or executive shares on social networking platforms is a valuable indicator of potential business impact.

Newmarket expansion, mergers, and acquisitions, product failures, hiring of executives or supervisors — all of these can be covered. This is especially true as companies and individuals begin to become more active on LinkedIn.

Data points for social activities

Social media data posts

Users have replied

User Comments


Image URL

Video URL

Number of reactions

Document URL

Number of views

Number of shares

Number of comments



Reaction type

Profile URL


What is the value of LinkedIn data for businesses?

Both organizations can efficiently use all of the data available to achieve a competitive advantage. Let’s take a look at some common data usage scenarios to better grasp this.


Human resources

Relations with graduates (corporate and academic).

Alternative data for finance

How can I get data from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator?

For some readers, data scraping is a method that uses computer programs that allow you to extract data from many sources, such as B. Websites, social media platforms, blogs, and e-commerce platforms.

If you have the technique and want to invest the necessary time and effort, you can learn how to create your own scraper, but LinkedIn scraping has its own unique challenges with massive amounts of data and platform limitations. Another option would be to look for companies that offer such professional scraping Software.

There are several tools on the market to extract LinkedIn with differences in available data points, data quality, and aggregation scales. Choosing the right data partner is very important depending on your needs which are unique to your business.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the most advanced LinkedIn scraper software that can collect data about prospects like Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Website, Country, Skills, Industry, Country, LinkedIn, and Sale Navigator profile links. This software allows you to search and retrieve prospect data from specific locations and industries with targeted business keywords.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor has many filters and features. These features allow you to get more commercial and active data about potential customers. Yes, the LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can export data in CSV, XLSX, or TXT formats.

Final remarks

LinkedIn data is one of the most complete and sought-after sources of data for people and businesses. This is expected to increase as the platform continues to gain more users.

The possibilities with the amount of data are simply limitless, and companies must seize this opportunity. Although there are increasing concerns among users about privacy issues, a controlled attempt to collect data from LinkedIn through specific policies ensures the lawfulness of data use and user privacy.



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