What is the best web scraping tool to scrape Business leads from Yelp?

Waqas Ahmad
2 min readFeb 1, 2021


Yelp is a social networking website that allows its users to post reviews and give stars rating from one to five stars to businesses listed on the website. A user won’t keep the place secret if he likes any business or restaurant product or service. It is a trustworthy source to collect local business leads from different countries and cities such as Restaurants, Shops, and Automotive Services. You can browse different businesses and get lead information like business name, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and reviews, etc.

How to choose the best Yelp Scraping software:

You may find many web scraping software in the market but choosing the best web scraping software might be difficult if you have no technical knowledge or if you are going to buy these tools for the first time, there are many checkpoints you should keep in mind before going to buy these tools.

  • Does the software extract the data of your own choice?
  • Does the software have its browser?
  • Does the software crawl the next page automatically?
  • Does the software allow you to change keywords from the website?
  • Does the software allow you to export data?
  • What is the extraction speed of software?
  • Does the software allow you to apply a filter?
  • Does the software allow to extract the data free of cost to test?

These are some main feature which a good yelp data scraper should have, you should always test the web scraping software before you buy, either this software is fulfilling your needs or not, use free trials, extract business data which you want for free if it fulfills all of your requirement then you can go ahead and buy this.

Best Yelp Leads Extractor:

Yelp Leads Extractor is web scraping software that can extract business name, phone number, Emails, website links Reviews, etc. without learning and coding, it is very easy to use software and having all function and feature mentioned above, it is a very powerful tool used by professionals and Marketers to collect potential client’s data that help them to generate the leads. Yelp Leads Extractor is free to download and install, you won’t have to pay a single penny for extraction data, and after satisfaction with its result, you can buy the license which is extremely low of a cost as compared with its result. You can get the benefit and increase your business by using this tool, Yelp Leads Extractor is the best yelp data scraper which allows you to choose the data field you want to extract like phone numbers, Emails, Addresses, etc. and it allows you to export all data into excel spreadsheet or CSV form.



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