What is the best web scraping software? Extract email and phone number tracks for marketing

Waqas Ahmad
3 min readOct 21, 2021

Web scraping software to Scrape email and phone number leads

Looking for the best web scraping software for extracting emails and phone numbers for marketing purposes? This article will learn about the best web scraping software or tool that can extract lead data from all kinds of websites.

Why are Email Marketing and Telemarketing Important to Your Business?

Email marketing helps you reach and connect with your most specific audience in a personalized way. It is an affordable method of increasing sales compared to other marketing methods. With email marketing, you can reach your customers in an easy way.

Likewise, you can increase sales for your business through telemarketing. With telemarketing, you can speak directly to your customer, your customers get an instant replay, and they don’t have to wait long for a response.

How to extract emails and phone numbers for marketing?

Email marketing and telemarketing need data like the email addresses and phone numbers of your target customers, there are many public directories available where people have registered such as yellow pages, yelp. , etc. Excel spreadsheet.

But it is very difficult and time-consuming to copy and paste thousands of contact numbers and emails from these websites and then web scraping tools help you extract and export data to an excel sheet. Web scraping software or tool is the best solution for a large amount of data, large businesses and professionals use it to extract emails and phone numbers.

What is the best web scraping software for getting emails and phone numbers?

There is a lot of software available in the market to scrape email and phone numbers for marketing purposes, but you should choose wisely, Anysite Scraper is one of the best web scraping software developed by Ahmad Software Technologies. Using this web scraper, you can extract data from any website where the desired data is visible.

Anysite Scraper is the best email and phone number tracking software for B2B and B2C marketing. You can extract this data from all social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for lead generation, Anysite Scraper is also able to scrape e-commerce websites and all public directory websites, Anysite Scraper is a custom web scraping software that allows its users to build their own web scraping project for any website.

What features of Anysite Scraper make it unique compared to other tools?

Anysite Scraper is a powerful tool that can extract data from any website in the world; some of the unique features are available below.

• Free download and installation.

• Without any risk, a free demo is available.

• Extract and export emails from websites.

• Extract and export phone numbers.

• Extract data in a few clicks

• No technical or coding skills required.

• Automatic pagination and click.


While promoting your business products or services, you cannot deny the importance of email and telemarketing, with a large number of email lists and phone numbers, you can reach a large audience target and have great sales potential. So, you will have to scrape emails and a list of phone numbers from websites such as public directories and social media sites.

If you want to scrape a large number of email and phone number data lists, Anysite Scraper software is the best solution for this problem, you can download it now and check the demo version.



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