What is the best e-mail scraper for residential people’s web directory?

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Using Residential People Data for Direct E-Mail Marketing

Using a direct E-mail campaign to target high-potential consumers can be a very cost-effective and efficient approach to reach out to most businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for new customers, but how do you find these high-potential markets? Using residential people data could be your solution.

The Thatsthem and Truepeoplesearch websites in the United States provide free access to residential person data. A detailed understanding of residential people data and market techniques are required to extract data from a database and segment markets in order to determine which market is the best fit for a direct e-mail marketing campaign. Because the goal of utilizing residential people data for your Investing in a Web Scraping Tool could be a good move if your goal with direct E-mail marketing is to save money while enhancing value.

Are you looking for target markets with an average household?

Are you looking for target markets with an average household in their 40s or do you prefer to target markets with a younger population? The residential people data used to build an e-mail list can make a big difference to your return on investment. Imagine you run an online shopping business and then you are presented with a list of zip codes where a very high percentage of people have recently visited a store, shopped online with their credit card, have a high income, don’t have children, etc. That would come down to these people who live in their zip codes leading to very high potential customers for your online shop, right? Can you imagine using such residential people data to your advantage for a direct marketing campaign?

Sounds good? As mentioned, buying e-mail lists or Residential people data for your direct marketing campaign is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee for direct marketing, but it’s still a significant investment that requires a bit of research. Many companies offer e-mail lists, market industry-specific solutions, and direct marketing solutions. Now it’s up to you to find the right data scraper for your business and use residential people data to run a successful direct E-mail marketing campaign!

How to build residential people emails list from thatsthem and true people search

Thatsthem is a USA residential people directory site where you can find a person through the name. Thatsthem is the best website in the USA for local people data for your marketing campaign. Also, you can filter the search result and enter the region and city where the person is located. Thatsthem was launched in 2014 and now they have 2.2B Records 1.7B Email Addresses, 1B Phone Numbers, and 800M Addresses. Available data in thatsthem:

Basic Data

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Quality Score

Contact Data

Email Address

Phone Number

Line Type

Residential Data






Lat, Long

Truepeoplesearch Data

It’s a very reliable platform for finding a USA person’s data from Name and Phone number. Truepeoplesearch is a residential people web directory in the USA. If you are searching the residential people then you are land the right place because truepeoplesearch has millions of people’s data. You can get B2C data from here as per your required location. Nowadays every business person wants more people to lead because they want to sell our products to grow our business.

Which Data Available on Truepeoplesearch website

If you are looking for a residential people data and want more leads for your Email and Phone Number list truepeoplesearch is the best website because they have millions of people data like:


Phone Number

Email Address


Previous and Current Address


Zip code

How and which tool is best for scraping residential web directories Like Thatsthem and Truepeoplesearch

There are many Data scraping tools available in the market and definitely you want to choose the best tool that is complete to your requirements and affordable. When you have to scrape data from multiple sites normally people will provide you with the different kinds of tools which is a burden on your system. We are providing a single web scraping tool called United Lead Scraper which has more than 100 well-known websites available now you don’t need to install multiple website scrapers in your system. You just have to download and install our single United Lead Scraper Software and you will get all kinds of scraping solutions. For example, if you want Thatsthem scraper or Trupeoplesearch scraper open the United Lead Scraper and right on the search bar thatsthem and just click the button Run Extractor your scraper is ready. Now you need to search for your required data put the keyword on the website search bar and enter your data is start scraping.

Note: If your desired scraper is not available here just let us know, we will create the scraper as per your requirements along with your desired custom columns and send it to you.



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