What are directory websites and why is directory data important?

Waqas Ahmad
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What data scratch directory websites?

Here are the data fields we will scrape:

Name of organization/company

Company page



Street name

Telephone numbers

Email ID







United Lead Scraper Business directory data features

Exporting Contact Information: Our data scraping tool can export targeted companies and contact information based on required customer search criteria.

Export Email: United Lead Scraper export Email IDs from directory websites in required formats.

Data Filtering: After extracting data you can filter your data

How United Lead Scraper is the best and unique software for all websites

United Lead Scraper is a custom web scraper software it can extract every website in the world. United Lead Scraper is unique from all web scraping tools because our tool reduces your system space when you install United Lead Scraper you don’t have to need download or install any specific website scraper. We already put it in all websites scraper here are the scraper’s name and detail:

Auto123 Leads scraper

Auto123.com is the Canada Based Cars and Trucks buying and selling Directory site from where you can scrape the Cars and Trucks dealer’s leads. You can scrape all kinds of the dealer leads like used cars, new cars, trucks, and many more. When you have to make a database with a large number of dealers from the Auto123.com website, then you should have to use a Web Scraping software like Auto123.com Leads scraper, because being a human it’s not possible to open the all pages manually and copy-paste all the data, it’s too much time-taking work. You can save valuable time and money by using a Data Scraping software like Auto123.com Leads Extractor.

Fyple.co.uk Leads scraper

Fyple.co.uk is the UK Based B2B Directory site from where you can scrape the B2B leads. You can scrape all kinds of business details leads like Doctors and Clinics, Restaurants, Commuter & Public Transportation, Accommodation, Cleaning Services, and many more.

Imobiliare Leads scraper

Imobiliare.ro is the Romania Based Real Estate Directory site from where you can scrape the Real Estate leads. You can scrape the property Ads containing owner details leads like Ads Title, Location, Owner Name, Owner Contact Number, Property Price, and Image Url, etc. When you are going to scrape a large number of records from the Imobiliare.ro website.

Findyello Leads scraper

Findyello.com in the USA Based B2C Directory site from where you can scrape the residential B2C leads. You can scrape the Person’s leads like Person’s Name, Address, Telephone Number, etc. When you are going to scrape a large number of records from the Findyello.com website,

Brazilyello Leads scraper

Brazilyello.com is the Brazil Based B2B Directory site from where you can scrape all kinds of Company leads. You can scrape the Business leads like Business Name, Contact Person, Address, Telephone, Mobile Number, Website Link, Establishment year Employees, etc.

Yelp Leads Extractor

Yelp is a popular online directory for discovering local businesses, from bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to hair salons, spas, and gas stations. By using Yelp Leads Extractor you can scrape phone numbers, business addresses, reviews, links, etc.

White pages Lead Extractor

White pages are a phone book directory and useful US residents White Pages Lead Extractor to extract or scrape data like Person’s Name, Phone Number, and address.

Yellowpages Leads Scraper

Yellow Pages is a business directory website where you can add your business detail and improve your website ranking. Our Yellowpages Leads Scraper extracts all available business detail from yellow pages and uses this data for your business growth.

The other website scrapers name like E-commerce & Social Networking Sites

eBay Leads Extractor

Alibaba Data Scraper

Amazon Product Scraper

Aliexpress Data Extractor

411 White Pages Leads Extractor

Kompass Leads Extractor

Houzz Leads Scraper

BBB Leads Scraper

Olx Data Scraper

Fyple Leads Scraper

Hotfrog Leads Scraper

Yell Leads Scraper

Facebook Leads Extractor

TripAdvisor Leads Scraper

Xing Leads Scraper

Canada411 Leads Scraper



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