Top 10 free websites to collect USA B2B leads data like Business Titles, Telephone, Emails, and many more.

If you are a database provider or a freelancer this article will help you to find & collect USA B2B Leads data Like Business Titles, Telephone Numbers, Addresses Website links, and many more

Either you can copy-paste the data which can take thousands of hours and Energy, or use a Tool/Software that can extract data into an excel sheet with a single click without any coding.


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How can You Extract this data to excel with a Single click Automatically?

What is United Lead Scraper?

Does United Lead Scraper have Free Trial?

How can you Extract B2B Leads Data with the help of United Lead Scraper?

Step1: Download and Install United Lead Scraper on your computer.

Step2: Open the United Leads Scraper, Here is the main window of the United Lead Scraper.

Step3: Apply Filter and select B2B Leads Websites.

Step4: Click on Country 2 times to apply filter B2B websites Country wise.

Here are all B2B USA leads Websites you can choose anyone to extract data.

Step5: Click on the Run Extractor button. then New window will open.

Step6- Click on the Search Button, then Software will start extractions.

Here is the Extracted Data which you can Extract to an excel sheet.

How To Export data to excel sheet or CSV form?

Why should I buy United Lead Scraper?

By Spending $25 you would able to extract unlimited data to an excel sheet with simple clicks, Now it's up to you to either hire a team and spend hundreds of dollars for these kinds of projects or do it yourself with the help of United Leads Scraper.

Can I Use United Lead Scraper to Extract data from any other website which is not listed in the Software?

So If you have any questions or have a website from where you want to scrape data you may contact us.

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