The fastest way to complete data entry, web scraping, data mining projects without copy-paste.

Waqas Ahmad
4 min readJun 14, 2021

Why Freelancers Need a Web Scraping tool to complete the Data Entry, Web Scraping Projects?

Most freelancers still doing copy-paste from websites to complete the data entry, web scraping, and data mining projects. Some of them hire the team for copy-paste work, if you are a freelancer and using these methods then you are wasting your energy and money because their many tools are available in the market now,

By using these web scraping tools you can extract data with a single click to an excel sheet, you don’t have to hire a team and wait for a long time to scrape all website data to an excel sheet. If you want to save your time and money to complete data entry projects then Anysite web Scraper can extract and export data to an excel sheet from any website.

What is Anysite Scraper?

Anysite Scraper is a piece of software that can scrape data from any website to an excel sheet without any coding. There are many tools are available in the market, the feature which Anysite Scrape make unique is, it is a custom web scraping tool that can be used to extract specific data field from any website of the world.

If you have any or multiple websites given by your client then this software can be helpful to extract data. Here are some benefits you can get while using Anysite Scraper Software

  • Extract data from any website to excel sheet without coding
  • Extract all search Result with a single click
  • Easy to extract & export data to excel sheet
  • No more copy-paste Scrape with a single click
  • Save time and money for data extraction

Once you download and Install this Software you will find more than 170 websites project scripts that are already developed and ready to extract data with a single click. Famous project scripts include Yellow pages, white pages, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. People use this Software to scrape leads from multiple websites.

What is the difference between the Free & Paid version of Anysite Scraper?

This Data Scraping tool has free and paid versions. In the free version all premium feature is enabled except exporting data to an excel sheet, you can download, Install and extract data from any website of the word, also you can use existing scripts but you cannot download it into excel sheet until you have license key of this web scraping tool.

How to extract data from a website to an excel sheet with Anysite Scraper?

With the following simple and easy steps, you can extract data to an excel sheet with simple clicks.

Step1: Download and Install Anysite Scraper on your computer or system.

Download by clicking any button

Step2: Open the Software and select any website you want to extract.

Anysite Scraper main window

Step3: Click on the Run Extractor button in front of any website project.

Anysite Scraper Main Window

Step4: once the new window opens then click on Search Button upper left side window.

Anysite Scraper Project Script

Step5: Click on the Save button which will work if you have the license key of the project.

Data Extraction and save button

You can choose and extract data from websites listed in the software, or if you have any other website which is not available you can contact our customer support team, We can build a web scraping project for any website where your desired data is available to scrape.

If you are a freelancer and doing web scraping, Data entry, and data mining projects then this Software is the best for you, If you want to try this Software you can Download and test it out there is no cost or risk involved, you can use and extract data as much as you want like you can extract thousands of results but you only can save it once you have paid version or license key of this Software. You can have a web scraper for any website for just $25 for a month, by spending only $25 you can extract unlimited data from a website. Once you have a little investment like $25 you don’t need to hire a team for copy-past data, you can extract and export unlimited data from a website. So Don’t hesitate to Try a free demo Now.

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