LinkedIn Data Extraction Tool and Uses

Salespeople and marketers who use LinkedIn to prospect and generate leads without using LinkedIn’s search tools are like travelers with no destination.

You know LinkedIn has over 750 million active users around the world. Now imagine having to go through the profiles of all the LinkedIn users you want to target, one after the other. Just because you need to collect the contact details of the LinkedIn user? And how many profiles can you view in a day?

Very little, right? That’s why you need the best LinkedIn automation tools to make this process fully automatic to help you.

In this article, we’ll explain how to Extract LinkedIn Data to quickly build lead lists using LinkedIn scraping tools. Excellent! Let’s dive into it.

Need the best way to build a prospect list like an email address?

Do you want to fill your sales funnel with LinkedIn? Don’t worry, now you can easily grow your targeted prospect lists, such as email leads and phone numbers, with new targeted contacts whenever you need them.

Using the power of LinkedIn’s scraping tools, you can extract specific contact information with phone numbers and email addresses available from LinkedIn, the sales browser. Using these LinkedIn scraping tools, you can export prospect data to a spreadsheet (CSV, Excel, text).

Why do you need to use LinkedIn Scraping Tools to quickly grow your lead data?

Most businesses and businesses are turning to new customer data, such as LinkedIn email addresses, to promote their business products and services. But they can’t use LinkedIn for manual lead data collection because LinkedIn has a network of 720 million profiles worldwide.

How can I use LinkedIn? Yes, this is a very important question, if you want to provide business product updates to your potential customers and partners, you need their contact details like name, social IDs, email IDs, numbers phone numbers, and email addresses.

You will waste a lot of time if you start researching or collecting all the necessary prospect data on LinkedIn either manually or one by one by visiting each LinkedIn profile. This is why LinkedIn data mining tools are widely used to automate data collection from LinkedIn leads.

Below is the best LinkedIn extraction tool to automatically extract lead data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator.

How can I extract data from LinkedIn without copy and paste?

LinkedIn is the best source of lead generation. LinkedIn is probably one of the best places to get information on b2b companies, as millions of companies are featured there.

It would take you a long time to manually copy and paste thousands of business data from millions of LinkedIn profiles. We provide a better way to extract data from LinkedIn in CSV, Excel, or text format. With the help of LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, you can get details about companies, profiles, and services in a certain area in different countries.

If you want to get massive business insights from LinkedIn, you can easily do so using LinkedIn Data Extractor, a powerful LinkedIn scraper for marketers and businesses to get users’ data from LinkedIn.

Basically, it is a social media tracking tool that finds and exports business information from the popular social network LinkedIn without any coding and without additional special skills like company name, address, business notices, and emails, connections, working hours, phone numbers, and more.

LinkedIn Data Grabber allows users to perform 100% customizable searches on LinkedIn. When you have this LinkedIn tracker in your access, you don’t need to do a lot of work to get business information from LinkedIn. You need to enter Company Name / LinkedIn Profile URL / Zip Code / Category / Location to get LinkedIn contact details in bulk.

How to extract data from LinkedIn using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor?

These are the guidelines for using the LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor.


Install and run the LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor software. Now open LinkedIn in the LinkedIn Sale Navigator extractor.


Go to the search button on the scraper and place your keywords in the search bar, then hit the search button to get the LinkedIn results related to your keywords.


Now select specific search results on LinkedIn or click “Select All” to remove, then click the Extract button to get all of those search results on your computer / PC.


Now you can export data from LinkedIn to Excel by clicking the “EXPORT” button. The data will be exported to a CSV file or to an Excel sheet. Access the Software Settings menu to choose your preferred output file format.

You may bulk upload LinkedIn data by following these four simple steps, and you don’t need programming abilities to use this LinkedIn Leads Grabber.



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