Waqas Ahmad

Dec 31, 2020

3 min read

Is there any technique or software to collect data (like product, detail, and price) from eCommerce stores like eBay, Amazon, Ali express, etc.?

You can extract the products information from online stores like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, etc. but there are different methods are used to extract the information from these stores depends what information you want to extract, there are mainly three methods to extract the data from these websites,

Using Browser Extension is easy to use but has limited features because some websites have robots. text files that don’t allow to crawl of the information on the websites. The second way, you can manually copy and paste the data and make an excel sheet about product prices store links, sold status, etc. third and most useful way to scrape the data with software that allows you to extract the data from the website into a structured form to make analyses about product price history, etc.

Why Scraping Ecommerce stores.

E-commerce stores are growing very fast because of the current pandemic situation people don’t want to go outside from their homes. At the same time competition in this field also has built up. If you are running your e-commerce store on Amazon, Ali express, or either you are doing drop shipping or affiliate, data Scraping may help you to make good policy in your business while you are going to launch a new product or increase the sales in existing product, you may conduct competitor research, how your competitor is selling what prices are there and what reviews of customers about your products.

Using Software to collect data

Using the software is the best way to collect the information from these websites because the software allows its users to scrape product names, Prices, Customer reviews, sold status stores links, etc. You may find different types of software’s to do the same job in which some are prebuilt that are easy to use and can extract the data from websites like Amazon, eBay, and other websites but these are made for a single website or a couple of websites, some software’s that has customization features are also available but these are required mastering the skill to understand how its work.

Best Software to extract the data from any Website:

While choosing a software you should understand either it is a pre built software or it has customization features, I always recommend going for software that has customization features without learning any coding and skills to use it.

In my observation “Anysite Scraper’’ is the only Software that has many prebuilt scrapers in it like, Amazon Scraper, AliExpress Scraper, eBay scraper, and all other famous E-commerce stores, you may use these scrapers to extract and export the information in simple clicks but the best feature of this software is advance customization, users can make scraper themselves of any structured website like Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express in few minutes after short guide.

You can download this software and extract the data which is totally free even if you want to build a scraper you can do it for free. After understanding how this software works, which is extremely easy to understand, you can buy the license to use our existing software or build your own extractor to save your desired data.