How do you scrape product data from the online store Amazon?

Waqas Ahmad
2 min readJan 21, 2021

Amazon sellers can scrape the product prices and reviews of products which can help them to decide setting up the best price for their online store, web scraping tools allow the amazon seller to screen how their product will perform after scraping product reviews. If you are running a business on Amazon or going to start a new business, this data can be helpful to understand your customer and the price strategy.

How to scrape product data from Amazon in Bulk?

Products are available under various categories and departments on the Amazon website like Electronic, smart home, clothing, and much more. Acquiring these product data manually is next to impossible because it has almost 12 million product listings.

Data extraction tools are the best option left to scrape the product data from Amazon.

Data Extraction tool can be used to crawl product data from Amazon on a large scale. Anysite Scraper is the best web scraping software which is the most reliable and easy to use to collect the data from the Amazon store without any coding.

Extract and Export Amazon Data into Excel Spreadsheet or CSV form.

Anysite Scraper is software that allows you to choose to extract specific fields of data that you want to extract from amazon and save it into CSV form. Anysite Scraper has many pre-built web scrapers like Amazon product Scraper, eBay product scraper, Aliexpress data scraper, and many more. Amazon product scraper is a desktop application which allows extracting the data from the website like Amazon for different business requirement.

You can collect thousands of product data from the amazon store according to your need by using Amazon product scraper, it is a great tool for those people who want to get success with low investment in their business. Other advantages of Amazon product scraper include price comparison, competitor research, and tracking data of online stores.

Why Amazon product Scraper is the best Scraper than others:

Amazon product scraper is the project script of Anysite scraper. Following features make it more unique from the other web scrapers available out there.

  • Browse product by category, department, product names, etc.
  • Amazon product scraper can extract product name, price, Reviews product images link, etc.
  • Save extracted data into an excel spreadsheet or CSV form.
  • Download images of products for your business.
  • Scrape all data as anonymously without being blocked.
  • Remove duplicated content automatically.
  • Compatible with Microsoft XP/Window7/Window8 and Window10.
  • Set custom delay between requests to simulate as a human being is surfing in a browser
  • A very powerful tool for scraping e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many more websites.

It can also extract the product detail from all other international amazon websites like amazon(India) Amazon(Australia) Amazon(UK) and many more.



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