How can I scrape data from e-Commerce websites and save it into an excel spreadsheet?

Effective pricing strategy is necessary for any eCommerce store, Extracting competitor websites data for their pricing list can help to match the price being offered by your competitors, or provide an even lower price can attract more customers to your online business. Scraping competitor website data can also help to know about the demand of product by scraping the sold units of the product.

Many people start an eCommerce store every year but a good businessman always researches the market before starting an online business. Market research is important to find out know about the product demand and purchasing price and selling price of your e-commerce store. There could be many goals for data from e-commerce websites but here we will discuss how to scrape data from eCommerce stores.

Scraping product data from eCommerce websites:

You may scrape the data ( product titles, product prices, product reviews, image links, store links, shipments costs, sold units, etc. ) from e-commerce stores like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Shopify stores, and all other eCommerce stores. You can also scrape the data according to your need, for example, if you want to extract only price information of any website product, web scraping tools allow you to do that as well.

How to scrape data from eCommerce websites.

To scrape the data from these websites you will need web scraper software, there are many website scrapers available to scrape the e-commerce website you can choose according to your requirement, but while choosing an e-commerce scraper you should conduct some research on website scrapers. What information a web scraper can extract and either it is fulfilling the need of your business or not. You may find many web scraping software’s in the market but I always recommend Anysite scraper because it is the most powerful web scraping software that is the most reliable source to extract the data from e-commerce websites like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay, etc. It is totally free to download and install, you can extract any information from these websites you want.

Scraping data from eCommerce website by using Anysite Scraper:

We will need an e-commerce store from where we will need to scrape the data, let try to scrape man jeans prices from the amazon store.

Getting started:

  • Download and install Anysite Scraper,
  • Search amazon in the paid search scraper and click on Run Extractor,
  • A new window will open, now write any product on the search bar on the amazon website, we will write “Men’s Jeans”
  • The final step is to click on the search button upper left corner of the scraper dashboard. The software will be extracting data from the website.

Closing thoughts:

Ecommerce business is growing day by day, web scraping can help to make a good strategy for the business, we always recommend Anysite scraper because it is a most reliable source and very easy to use scraper available, that can make your business life very easy, let me tell you how whatever the business you have, you can scrape data of your competitors through its customization function that allows you make a Scraper for any website, many project sample available on the website which can help the user to make a scraper for any website themselves. Just go ahead and install Anysite scraper, no cost involves in downloading any installing the software, it is free to use and free to make any scraper, however after satisfaction with the performance of this software you may buy the license to download the data into excel spreadsheet or CSV form.

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