Can you scrape private data from the Xing website?

Waqas Ahmad
2 min readAug 18, 2022


You can only scrape publicly available data on Xing. Xing displays the email address and phone numbers of your first-degree connections. Data scrapers are not allowed to extract private data from the Xing site. You can get more dates by connecting with more people as a bachelor. Xing is a business organization website for professionals that supports almost 15 languages it allows customers to communicate with the relevant or related professionals, like users to follow their colleagues or the person working in the same workspace.

Xing helps people get updates about the positions and organizations with opportunities like jobs or employees. Because of this, a user uploads their accurate information in profiles such as phone numbers, regions, and email addresses.

Why Xing Leads Scraper is more effective and best scraping tool than other scrapers?

Xing is a German website and it’s very famous in Europe countries Xing is just like the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn has worldwide members as Xing has mostly users from European countries. Xing Leads Scraper is also created by Ahmad Software Technologies it’s designed explicitly for Xing’s website. Xing Data Extractor works smartly and the interface is very user-friendly. Xing Leads Data Scraper is a fully coding-less tool even any non-technical person uses this tool very easily. Our Xing Scraping Software best and different from other tools.

Our tool is fully automated and customizable as per your need you can change every setting just like delay duration, History setting, before and after filtering option, and more. Xing Leads Scraper saves your valuable time and money just say bye to copy and paste working and no more pay to extra employees. Xing Scraper is a keyword-based scraper just enter your desired data keyword in the search and start scraping your data. Xing Leads Scraper is also the best solution for freelancers who are doing work for our clients just if your client wants Xing member data like Email, Phone Numbers, addresses and etc, you can extract it easily within a few minutes also filter your data after extracting.

Some features of Xing Leads Scraper

Save your Time & Income

Customizable Delay option

After Filter Option

Save profile History

Recovery data

Internet Failure

Auto next page load

Few steps for running and extracting data from Xing Leads Scraper

Download and install United Lead Scraper from

Open United Lead Scraper and search Xing Leads Scraper

Click the “Run Extractor” in the front of Xing Leads Scraper

Search your Keyword in the Right side window and press enter

Click the “Search Button” you can see top left side and your data scraping will start

When you’re scraping complete click the “Save” button middle top and save your data in available format CSV and Excel.



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